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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gallery: Visitors to Vermont

We've been fortunate to have a number of visitors to Vermont in the past few months. We're honored they took the time to come north. From top:

* Ross Eisenbrey (my college roomie), right, and his wife Barbara Somson, along with the Blogster.

* My brother, Kevin, and his wife, Rebecca, and daughter, Clara, at Bristol Falls. They were here for a lovely weekend in July that included golf, fishing, biking and multiple swimming holes.

* Karen with Roz Avnet (center) and her daughter, Judy Avnet Murphy, on the Middlebury College campus. They celebrated their birthdays with an April visit.

* Kathi Olsen with Karen, at Eat Good Food, in Vergennes. Kathi was here to celebrate her birthday for several hot June days. Also here overnight were Kathi's daugher, Ahna, and Ahna's beau, Robert. No pix of them. It was hot and we were brain dead.

* Donna Todd and the Blogster, on the bench outside the Warren Store. We jointly celebrated Donna and Karen's birthdays. (Do I see a theme emerging?) For more on Donna's visit, see http://donnainvermont.blogspot.com.

Coming soon: Susie Panitz Fillion and hubbie Tom. No pix of Susie's July visit due to further heat-induced brain-deadness. But she and husband Tom will be back in late August to deliver their son, Abel, to Middlebury College where he'll be a first-year (as his parents and Ross and I were in 1970, back when they were called "freshmen.").