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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

From the Road Less Traveled -- song lyrics

Here are the words to a song inspired by the five-day Vermont walk to demand action on global warming. Scroll down for some photos of the event, or link to http://middleburyvt.blogspot.com/2006/09/global-warming-walk-photos.html. And thanks to all those who have been so inspiring in making this walk a big big step!

From the Road Less Traveled

Welcome to the planet.
Welcome to the world.
Welcome to the seasons.
All you boys and girls.

It is here that we are living.
It is here that we will die.
It is here we'll feel the sorrows.
And here we'll know the highs.

And you will find if you are lucky.
Then your way life will turn..
But there’s a long road still to travel.
Hard lessons you must learn

For the planet may be dying.
Her beauty fading fast.
And now we sent and ponder.
How long it all can last.

So you'll find that you will wonder.
Is there another road to go.
A way to walk and beauty.
And get with the natural flow.

We've forgotten the way to beauty.
Forsaken it for a bunch of stuff.
Now there's garbage in the garden.
And the ice caps are melting off.

That best way is the road less traveled.
You can walk there or you may run.
It's the way to make a difference.
Out of darkness into sun

So come on the road less traveled.
We’re gonna have some fun.
We’re gonna make a difference.
Maybe we can be the ones

So, come on the road less traveled.
We’re gonna have some fun.
We can save the planet.
Yes, we can be the ones.

-- Copyright Gregory Dennis, 2006

Global Warming Walk Photos

Here are some photos from the five-day walk in Vermont to demand government action on global warming and climate change. That's Middlebury College Professor John Elder (also a maple-syrup maker) dressed up as a maple tree, at left, as he launched the walk by reading "The Road Not Taken."
Also: some of the tents of the 20 people who did all five days of the walk, camped in our meadow on Friday, August 31, 2006 (we were happy to host the through-walkers for dinner, overnight and breakfast); some of the 200 walkers along Room 125 on the first day; and walk co-organizer Bill McKibben.
More on the walk at www.fromtheroadlesstraveled.org. More from Bill on his blog at www.grist.org.